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Things we love

No one should be left out. Member of our tribe or not, you shouldn’t miss out on the very best things in life. All recommendations below have been fully vetted by our team of expert lovers of life. We hope you enjoy the things we love.


Replicar Hellas

Replicar Hellas is an automotive company specializing in the continuation of classic 356 and 550 models. The cars are hand-crafted from scratch in the company’s factory in the northern town of Katerini, Greece. With exceptional build quality, and high-end materials used in every single one of their cars, they have managed to achieve fantastic mechanical and aesthetic results.


Domaine de Cantaussel

Wine is a journey, not a destination. On our quest to experience the good things in life we discovered an up and coming vineyard from southern France: The charming Domaine de Cantaussel. We believe it is our duty to share this discovery with the community.



Armogan, a Belgo-Luxembourg brand, was created by two friends, Amaury Deckers and Charles-Louis de Potesta, in 2014. Combining the best of two backgrounds – the precision of ‘little Switzerland’ with Belgian design – Armogan’s mission is to create stylish men’s watches, inspired by the look and feel of navigational tools of the past, at prices that are accessible to the explorers of today.


Fox Beer

Fox Beer is a young Luxembourgish start-up that develops and sells full flavored & calorie reduced beers that bear the same alcoholic content than average beers.