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Clara – 2014 Jaguar F-Type Coupé

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So what do we have here? Well a 2014 F-Type Coupé with the V6 Supercharged with 340 hp. This “baby” F-type is in our opinion the best one so far.

Why? Because it is lighter, prettier, roomier and still makes this glorious signature noise. Which incidentally you can enjoy much longer before crossing to the dark side, thanks to its “modest” 340 horses. Also it is good for your points-wallet, at only 60 points per day.

Jaguar did an awful lot of things very, very right with the Jaguar F-Type. It looks fantastic, it sounds like the devil’s own sexbot, and is both surprisingly easy and rewarding to drive.

You can’t help but compare the F-Type to the E-Type, despite Jaguar’s insistence that the car is not simply an update of the ancestor. The F-Type, while it is certainly a very lovely car, is also a rational, carefully-engineered car. Modern competition and regulations means it pretty much has to be. As dramatic and amazing as the old E-Type was, by modern standards it’s a pedestrian-crippling murder machine.

That’s not to say the F-Type is without its share of drama. It has plenty of that, lots of great little bits of entertaining theater engineered in, like how the HVAC vents raise and lower out of the dash at will, or how there’s still a clamshell hood, or the way the instruments go through a “flight check” procedure when you start up the car.

The F-Type was designed with the Porsche 911 as its target competitor. We are not entirely sure how much sense this makes, as we feel the 911 has a pretty dedicated group for whom nothing but a 911 will satisfy, and a Jaguar has a very different sort of personality. Still, that does mean that Jaguar spent a lot of time making sure the car drives as well as it looks.

Overall, we prefer the “baby” supercharged V6 because those 340 horses really are plenty to have fun with, and that fun does come at speeds less likely to limit your wardrobe choices to orange jumpsuits.

The F-Type has a solid mix of easy driving and genuine performance potential, wrapped in a striking body and making all the right noises.

From 60 points per 24h
Temporary collection
Engine: 3.0L V6 Supercharged
Power: 340 hp
Transmission: 8 speed automatic
Weight: 1700 kgs
Seating: 2
Rear belts: No
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